Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lets begin. Together.

I could use this Blog as a simple way of posting endless amounts of recipes for the perfect juice but I want it to be more than just that and I am sure that you do to.

I want all of us to learn from each other and for all of us Yes YOU included to get the maximum out of this. I could give you the loose 5 lbs in a week jargon but anyone can do that! I want to challenge you,

both physically and mentally.

"I promise all of you. You can get everything you want out of life" and through this Blog I will show you how.
So let's begin shall we.

I want you to identify what you want and why by answering these simple questions. It's not a test and you do not have to give me your answers (although comments are always nice).

1.) Why do you want to be healthy?

2.) What are your expectations?

3.) What do you want to feel like?

4.) which are your main goals (looks, health, body size, skin, hair-yes we will do any of these)

5.) What do you want to be remembered for?

This is where YOUR individual transformation will begin. With you.

"Why do you want it" 

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